Saturday, November 22, 2008

Writing for Life

I sometimes wonder what I would do in life if I couldn't put my thoughts down on the page...well, really the screen. Having just finished another great session with Pat Giff, and spending the evening hanging out with my writing friends, I realize that this is how I want to spend the rest of my life! Funny how it took me over half a decade to claim that, but there it is. My favorite time of day comes at 5:30 in the morning, when often a few leftover stars, a small lamp, and a computer screen are the only lights in my home. My coffee cup sits next to me and this time of year, I've got my small woolen blanket which came straight from Ireland (Foxford Mills) over my lap...of course, I'm still in my pj's and my eyelids are half-open. But...I've heeded the words of Stephen King, who mentioned the fact that the brain is trained to dream at night (although I don't often sleep after reading his fiction), so I've trained my brain to write in the mornings. I've finally given in, and done what Pat Giff has told me to do for so long. This is so counter-intuitive for me, really. I've never claimed to be a morning person. I write at this hour before my crazy brain gets cluttered with all the ideas that crowd it in planning for eleven and twelve year olds or the politics of work, or even the random needs of the world around me. I've always had that before school anxiety...after all, that job requires constant preparation and attention to detail. But now, my right brain starts my day...and that, for me, brings peace. That is how in the past two years, Thin Skinned and now Walking on Eggshells have found their way out of my head and into the world. Mornings are now, for me, a little slice of heaven.


Penny said...

Welcome to the internets, Gael!!! I missed you guys this session. And other times, too.

School during fall term is always back (and front) (and sides) breaking--10 classes!!!

Hazel is sitting (not so) patiently as I get settled into the new cottage. She's getting a LOT pushy, looking to get out of the packing box.

Boy, for the folks who don't know me, that's going to sound worthy of a call to either DSS or the ASPCA. Tee hee! Let's let them wonder!!!

gael lynch said...

Wish I could come today, Pen...really! I know what you mean about that beginning of the year stuff. We have entered a whole new era of DATA collection...something that I never, ever enjoyed before. Everything requires documentation. For a scatter-brain, non-secretarial type like me, it's murder. I just wanna teach!!!

I'm calling DCF if you don't get Hazel out of that box. C'mon! I've taken Annie out of the box again and I've just finished the one I started in the summer. That one just kind of flew off the page. Don't even know how it happened: brain blurt, I suppose.

Jame said...

Congratulations Gael! This is so exciting. I look forward to visiting often and reading what's on your mind.

Our dreams are alive! And they're looking for us. Now you're just a little bit more find-able. (Ok, not a word. Me no write good.)