Monday, December 29, 2008

Better Luck Next Year

A Tale of Two Seasons

Remember the Titans? 
Remember the New England Patriots? Remember when Chad Pennington wore green and white and was a great guy, but not much of a quarterback in New York? 
Remember Brett Favre's tears and the drama that surrounded all that? Who knew?

Well, this is the life of a sports fan...not a fanatic, mind you. You'd never catch me calling in on one of those ridiculous sports radio shows just to hear myself talk. This is my final, I promise, statement on the current state of affairs of my beloved Gang Green, as they dump Eric Mangenius...and hope to find someone better to lead the charge next year. This is not a sports blog, nor do I want it to become the random ramblings of my demented mind. I am glad I'm a writer and a teacher, and that I don't live my life in the spotlight like these guys do. It's certainly a very cruel life! 
         So farewell to Eric Mangini...perhaps you, like Chad, will fare better elsewhere. Brett, I'm sure, will retire this time, for real. Meanwhile, I  fired the whole Jets team a number of years ago and found myself lost when football season began once again. For now, none of the teams above...with the possible exception of the NY Giants...and possibly the Pittsburgh Steelers (Oh God...I didn't say that!) have the only possibilities for me in the balance. This job of hanging on to a team that makes me believe for the first half of the season then leaves me laying flat in the end zone come playoff time is pure torture. Thank God for pitchers and catchers, a mere 49 or so days away! Go Mets...bring on springtime! (PS: Mets? Well, that's a whole 'nother story. My son would not allow Mets ornaments on our tree this year for fear that it might collapse!! But ya gotta believe, and so I do.)

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