Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Surprise

Whitecaps rumble
and roll,
the ocean
is the loudest
voice by far
on the beach today.

And even when
an occasional high splash
rises up,
it is gathered up,
and forced
toward the shore...

Where people wait
and watch,
barefoot yet bundled
building sculptures
in the warm sand.
Storm's coming, they say.
Kids and kites
and frisbees too
all tethered
to this wild wind.

But even as grey clouds
gather in the east,
their swirls
are still unformed
and undecided.

And then: Look!
Over there...
in the far-off distance--
a glimmer,
a ray,
and a hint of blue.

A surprise,
a smile...
a letting go.

That storm
blows off,
the beach
fills up,
and swimmers take
their places
along the shore
once more.

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