Tuesday, April 20, 2010

An Alligator Went a Courtin'

A young gentleman caller has been sitting outside my deck all day,
pacing, and waiting and watching and making this deep
grunting/croaking sound...hoping his magical mate will appear.

It's mating season around these here parts, and apparently alligators are tireless in their mating habits. Every now and then I see a fearful bunny scurry past, always careful to look over his shoulder. But. He needn't worry, this gentleman caller has only one thing on his mind.

The birds and other beasts have been talking all day too. I think they wait in tense apprehension for this guy to get his gal. Early this morning, I watched the most magnificient blue heron fly overhead and then land on the far side of the pond. Does he know the plight of our pal?

As a writer? I know the pain of his plight! I've waited on a few shores myself. I've hit 'send' and sat there, staring at the blue screen, crossing my fingers and letting go. I try very hard to busy myself, take a load off, and forget what it is I'm waiting for. If the universe wants it, the universe gets it.

Many glimmers lately though, in my pond! My friend, Jame's book, Three Rivers Rising just launched this week. (BUY IT!) That waiting took forever. She's well on her way now, though. Ann Haywood Leal's Also Known as Harper (BUY THAT ONE TOO!) awaits her baby sister. And there are a few other very hopeful stories that will find their way into this little blog soon.

So, stay tuned, dear reader. More will be revealed. As I finish here, I'm hearing a second grunting voice answering out there in the the mud! That means...all good things DO come to those who wait! The universe never lets us down!

Have you ever had to spend your days in waiting? What on earth would make you wait with baited breath much like our friend in the pond?


Joanne said...

When I've sent out submissions, to lit journals or agents, I try to busy myself with new projects, or take the time to clean out all the files accumulated on Word. Anything to distract me from the wait. Though the wait does have a sweetness to it, too, don't you think? That anticipation?

gael lynch said...

Great idea! I should purge my email too! Right now, I've cut back on sending out, hoping to finish this revision soon. I've been a bit stuck, so the waiting...is for that pearl that I know will eventually come! Thanks for stopping by! ;)

Janna Qualman said...

Really good stuff going on! And more to reveal? Intriguing! I'm thinking good thoughts.

Sadly, it seems I'm always waiting on something. It's my perspective. I really need to work on it.

gael lynch said...

Janna, you're so not alone. A writer's life is more about the waiting than anything else! The good news is centered around friends in my writing group, but I know my day will come. Can't always be the bridesmaid, right?! Keep the faith. I'll be pluggin' for ya!

Tabitha Bird said...

Waiting! AHHHH! I am not a good waiter. But I am getting better.

thanks for the comments on my blog :)

gael lynch said...

Tabitha, thanks for returning the favor! Your blog is wonderful. The good news about aging is...sometimes you can actually forget about the fact that you're waiting!

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of in waiting mode right now while a few people read through my novel. I needed a break, though, a reminder why I'm telling the story and why I love it. So far, so good. I'm observing life and honing in on the details I often miss with my absentmindedness (always dreaming).

gael lynch said...

Sarah, I'm always daydreaming too! My kids usually catch me at it too. So glad to hear about your novel. I started to put mine out there, then pulled back. I got a great response from an agent I like. So I'm actually rewriting the whole thing as a result. I'm loving what's coming out of it, though. Feels right.