Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Light Snowfall; A Dazzling Gift of Life


So, today, I wake up to a light snowfall, no threat of inches or feet to shovel, just a light cascade of glistening, white particles, drifting this way, and that, finding their way to the already trampled snow-covered ground. 

I open the back door and join my golden beast out on the back deck. And he waits there, in the yard, back straight and attentive, sitting on a large mound of snow, and staring back at me. I'm king of the hill, he's saying, Come play!

In my head are thoughts of what I'm going to wear, how much time I have to pack my lunch...will I have time to correct all the writing on my desk? Will I have time to call back that parent from yesterday, or enter the rest of those grades, so the parents don't worry about whether that piece was handed in or not. Can I enter the data for my principal and get that done today? What about that student that was absent yesterday? Can I get his assessment done today? Oh, and the other thing, the teaching--well, have I reread my plan, and looked at my script--so my performance will motivate my kids?! (The most important thing of all!)

And then I look down at my cell phone. A text from my sister-in-law, wishing me a happy birthday at 5:30 AM, and a voice mail too! I listen to the voice mail, savoring every word...two. hour. delay. I know so well the complications this makes for others, I've lived the parenting life! But today? It's my day!

I bundle up, throw on my boots and mittens...and follow that snow-ball chasing dog out in the snow to PLAY! Life is a brilliant gift--not meant to be a prison of to-do's, just a small adventure of what's in front of me, in this moment, today! Waking up to the best gift of unfolding, and being awake to receive!

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cg said...

Gael love you and love reading your blog! Time for a little snow shoe just to help keep your head clear!
Hugs my friend,

gael lynch said...

Back atcha, my dear friend! We're living the life of our dreams! xox