Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My Little Place in the Woods

I never imagined life could be so good...a little cottage, a pine forest, my laptop and a golden puppy resting under my feet. After so many seasons of early wake-ups, cramming close to the screen with that hot cup of coffee to jump-start my day, I am, at long last, somewhat retired from the day to day schedule at school.

My mornings consist not of an alarm, but the persistent poking of a black puppy nose attached to a mass of golden fur. I no longer have to choose an outfit, shorts and a tank top will do. But the coffee?
Oh...that will never change!

Today, I spent three hours revising seven pages in my book. I angsted over a new chapter I know I have to stitch in somehow between two others I've recently revised too. When I reached the point of frustration, I went out and raked and weeded and clipped. And then I went back to the cottage and got it right this time, I think.

To round out my day, I took my pup out for a long walk in the woods, and then walked along a well-traveled path and had a few long conversations with all the regular dog walkers I knew. But then, as the trail weaved its way around the bend...I passed my old school. Do I miss it? You bet. I miss the people, the kids, and of course all the opportunities to challenge myself and the kids, creating each and every day from scratch. opportunities to be a part but not immersed in the field of education abound. I'll be back. But now, in my own way, on my own time, because after all these years of waking up, it's my time to have a little choice! What an incredible reward!


Morgan Davis said...

The language you choose sets such a serene picture and then adjusts to match your activity, like going out to weed in a short, concise list of action words. Otherwise, the flowing sentences show just exactly what walks in the woods and time savoring an early morning cup of coffee must feel like. I am transported.

gael lynch said...

Thank you, Morgan! I can see that you are a true word lover like me!

Jackie LaBarre said...

Gael, thank you for these beauiful words! Inspiring!

Diane said...

Congratulations on your retirement! Time to slow the pace, reflect a little more deeply and smell the flowers. You know we "have miles to go before I sleep"- many miles. I look forward to seeing your writing, and smiling face. Love, D

gael lynch said...

Thanks, Di! I am 'somewhat retired''re right, I'm in the many miles portion of my life. I'll be out on the road a bit for Columbia (Teacher's College), and who knows--maybe I'll end up somewhere near you!
And of course, I'll be in my cottage working toward my dream. Hoping to get my most recent novel in print. Working it like a dog!!