Sunday, January 11, 2009

Larger than Life

Her absence
was so

and yet 

her presence
was too.

We longed
for her
in our 

her calico print
blouse in the 
framed picture,
the mom that 
wore that blouse,
so many 
lifetimes ago.

Even the gold 
ensconced edge 
of the Lenox dish,
she herself selected
as a very young 
And then,
of course,
her wedding gown too
evokes a story,
bought on sale...
to fit the occasion.

Who else would
do something 
like that?

The details of her life,
remain so clear
in the small tangible

But then...
there are the babies
she'd never meet,
her granbabies
us all together,
uniting us 
once more
to take a look back,
and to look 
forward too.

For there-- 
in those 
impish grins,
in the silly chorus
of childhood voices,
and in the clatter
of footfalls,
she lives,
even now,
causing trouble,
stirring them up,

Calling our
to always, 
always celebrate
the joy
in the laughter...

And isn't it 
the laughter,
the fun,
the trouble-making
that she
was most about?


Penny said...

This is beautiful. I'm not kidding when I say that I have goosebumps!

George Stockwell said...

beautiful. when are you going to publish- or have you?

gael lynch said...

I'm working on it. I'm also thinking I'm going to change the name on my certainly can't be a thin skin if you want to make it in the publishing world! I won't quit my day job, though, that's for sure!

Penny said...

Now how are you planning to go on book tours and write many more books and much more poetry (under deadline, mind you) and still work a day job?

Can't happen. You're going to need to quit eventually. Sooner than you think! I know it!

gael lynch said...

Okay, now you're approaching #1 fan status! Perhaps we'll make it to the blogging hall of fame together!

George Stockwell said...

Hey! I thought I was number one fan:)

gael lynch said...

Oops, it's a tie then. Let's not fight, kids!

Annie said...

Wow! That's all I can!