Sunday, January 18, 2009

Small Circles

I am a surfer! I twitter, blog and surf the net to study the current status of the writing industry, to find websites that inform my love for writing...but mostly to seek and find the footprints of those that are successfully becoming published in these turbulent times. Like it or not, this is the way to go these days. If I want to find my audience, I have to help them find me a bit first. I have to prove my viability in terms of networking in this wireless world. I don't mind it, but I know I can get lost in it too. And so...I keep coming back to my goals for this year. If I want to get my two books out there...and the third and fourth that I'm currently working on (it's a disease, this writing, honestly!), then I have to do what I've done all my life. I have to continue to rely on the small, but varied circle of friends that are out army of good friends who know that I'd do anything for them as well. I didn't have this figured out when I was a young adult...trying to deal with all the crises and dramas of life, that's for sure! But over the balance of my life, I've learned to lean in and let my friends carry me sometimes...and at other times, stand strong and let them lean in on me. I travel in small circles, but they...are the best of the best people this world has to offer! As my circles travel...the network grows, and so, in turn does mine. For all my friends that are out there now...I have not lost my mind! I'm a blogger, a twitterer...but first and foremost, I'm a human and to me, it's more important that I hear YOUR ideas than for you to hear mine. My dad's highest compliment of a person was..."He'd give you the shirt off his back!" Well, dad...that's a scary thought! But how 'bout the last chip in my last french fry, or the last sip of my latte? These days, I think time is the proof of real friendship! those of you that have been a part of my circle forever, or those that have just recently joined, thank you for helping me find my way each day. You are welcome to my time, the coat off my back and anything else that matters to me at this moment in time.


Penny said...

It's an honor that you share your life with me. You've helped me become not only a better writer and a better friend, but most importantly a better person.

I'm encircling you in a long-distance hug, perhaps the greatest circle of all.

Thank you!

gael lynch said...


You and the girls are exactly who I thought of when I first formed those thoughts. The first time I turned around and consciously realized how cool you smart your thought process is, but most important--how neat it is to grow a friendship out of what I love best...writing! Here's that giant hug back--can ya feel it? You rock Penny Piva! Love being encircled...that's what I live for! The more you live, the more circles you is good!

Jennifer said...

Gael! I love this! So glad you're here in blogland. (You're right-- probably easier than coordinating that cup of coffee.) :-)