Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Angel Birthday

No wrinkles,
no lines,
or grays.
Just that smirky
and her
little leftover wink

We celebrated our
days together,
hers just a day before
a big splurge!
A creamy bakery cake...
of course,
and in good times...
Dinner out
at a real restaurant...
with waiters,
and tablecloths,
and red leather

So today,
that day before
I'm remembering,
and sending
a little wink
her way.

I'm sure wherever
she is...
there's whipped cream,
and lemon...
and lots
of licorice,
and laughter


Smileyblueyes said...

I am sure you are missing her. She was bigger than life, wasn't she? She had such a sense of fun. But then again, so is your smile and laughter. Happy Birthday Girl Friend. Have a piece of cake for her too!

gael lynch said...

Today my work partner, Tim, came in with a creamy cake with lemon filling!! Totally delicious! I doubled-up on my slice...only seemed right! She was a piece of work...and you are so right! LARGER than this universe can handle! Thanks for remembering, Di! Makes me realize what a long history we share. xox

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