Sunday, February 20, 2011

Filling the Table Again

Last night, my table was filled with quick snippets of conversation, raucous laughter and stories from long ago. It was not a typical Saturday night, for too often I take the easy way out...stay at home and watch a movie, grab a bite at a local restaurant and sometimes meet friends there. But now, I've made a decision, or so I've convinced shed all the formality, the cleaning and perfectionism, and just pick up the phone instead.

It's been a long, snowy winter here in New England! 72" of snow to date! All of us are cramped inside our houses, far too often stuck in front of the t.v. screen. And while I am not much for t.v., I do find myself succumbing to the dull malaise of it anyway.

When I was growing up, we never, ever stayed in on Saturday nights. We most often went to my Aunt's house, or she would come to ours as well. We'd go to a the drive-in, a concept not too many would understand now. (Oh man, how I loved that drive-in! Was it my imagination, or didn't they wait on us by car? Maybe I'm thinking of Stewarts' Rootbeer, another favorite Saturday night treat.) On a rare occasion, when there was just a little bit of extra money, my dad would take us to Snuffy's, a local restaurant that came complete with an organ player. Did we know how to live it up, or what?!

But now? I do have a few friends who'll drop everything and go out on a Saturday night. The minute I pick up the phone, they'll meet us just about anywhere. But only a few. Many of the people I've known over the years, are locked into their living rooms now. What is this awful phenomenon, I've wondered. Is this what it means to get old? Because...if it is? I'm not subscribing at all!

My new manifesto: friends, fun, family and laughter. Back in the sixties when t.v. was just a fledgling at best, we had a different kind of 'herding mentality'. But now, we're far too entertained by that box. I also believe that all the screen time at work, the demands in the workplace and a million other factors are keeping us all apart. So? I'm putting it out all my facebook/twitter friends and to everyone else in this cyber universe: Let's bring back Saturday night--make it social, and get away from the t.v. screen!

What do you do with your Saturday nights these days?


Humberto Dib said...

Gael, thank you very much for your visit, I was surprised you could read Spanish, more than that, you got the whole idea. I can read English, well I think so. Your work's amazing!
Take care.

gael lynch said...

Thank you, Humberto! I have to admit, sadly, I do not read Spanish. However, the all powerful Google does! And I think it did a pretty good job protecting the message of your story. Thank you for your visit! As you can see, we can all travel through life as islands...whether it's in Argentina, America or even Australia! If we're not careful, technology can isolate us from one another!

In Stone said...

I'm with you 100! on this one, Too much mind-numbing t.v. passing for fun! Love your posts!

Mary Aalgaard said...

Sometimes I do watch a movie. I'd rather be with friends. Last Sat. night, I had a hot date with TWO young men - my twin sons. We saw some local talent in town. A night for local bands, grown-ups and kids, to play and raise money for music scholarships.

Joanne said...

In the winter, especially this winter, we stay home and indoors more often on the weekends. Especially this past weekend, omg that wind! It felt like another planet outside ...

gael lynch said...

We had a treat last week...a 60 degree day! Then, you're so right, Joanne! That wind just drove us right back into our caves!

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