Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Own Backyard

Yesterday, I left the backyard of my a way. Well-manicured, shady in just the right spots, a lazy river and a kind person that brought food or drinks at my beck and call. Well, that's jut not reality, and I know that even I would get bored with that after a while.
So, we packed up, just the two of us and hit the road...cuz heck, we were having way too much fun! We hit the road with our bags and our heads stuffed full of the sounds and sights of  another great time at the beach. 
Traveling with a wheelchair is a huge hassle, so...we put on our patience. I dragged the wheelie monster suitcase, and we rolled that wheelchair homeward. There were bags slung over my back too. I cursed myself for all the stuff I packed (Eight books, all read--and then my sketch book and journal, laptop too.) We put on our armor and got ready to do battle with the airport, on this the weekend that marks the end of spring break. What we found, though, was what we almost always find: the miracle of the stranger...willing to hold the elevator, watch the bags, wait that extra second or even extend a hand when we needed it. It always happens. So...even as we progress in this crazy process called illness, I have to remember not to awfulize, we are not alone. I sometimes tell myself we'll never be able to travel again...well, no. People are happy to help. Well most normal people...that crabby butt guy last night at the airport? Karma, and not me, will bite his butt! Miracles of kindness abound. It is at the core of human nature.
As for me? I'm happy to be back to the rhythm of my unmanicured backyard...where there's sunlight, hawks nesting, daffodils and magnolias in bloom, and a calm I can count on today! The rake will have to wait, though, for at least another day!


George Stockwell said...

Welcome home. Sounds like you had a nice trip. We're headed south for a couple of weeks soon for Sandy's post-tax-season meltdown. Tax season gets more and more difficult. Need to get her to start thinking about pulling back. Look forward to more of your blogs.

Smileyblueyes said...

Welcome home! I really wish we could've visited. Tomorrow? back to the routine of 5AM...but for me, it is only 6 more weeks until 'summer' jealous! I see the light at the end of another (yr) tunnel. Write something about the experience of being slowed down by the wheel chair pushing It changes your perspective.. to "smell the flowers" along the way...(yes, you have interior thoughts- share them). I found a video of my father-20 yrs post stroke-visiting with one of my babies. Such love- even without (all) the words. Even now, it is not the handicap I see , but the love. Share yours....Meanwhile think about my offer...I wasnt kidding! a weekend.....

gael lynch said...

Just when you want her to start pulling back, George, my husband shows up on the scene! Brother. We call him Mr. Extension!! Deadlines are highly over-rated in his mind! (Scares me!)

And Diane! Wish we could've seen each other too! We'll have to set something up for the summer. People in my writing universe have been talking to me about adult writing...I'm thinking about it---and honestly, it would have to include our crazy life with the wheelchair! We had a rental in Florida. That's always a trip--he's used to his Cadillac, and there he had the granny buggy!!! ;)