Monday, March 22, 2010

Taking that Long Way Down

I've had a head full of story simmering inside my brain. But I've been careful enough to take my time and stop along the way. The descent into a deep revision can never be taken lightly, especially when you've gone that way before. I want to put the best version of this baby on the page! I know, though, the story will never find its way into the light if it's not clear all the way through.

This time, I've done something I almost never do. I put together a 'flex-plan.' It's not quite an outline, but it's a loose rendition of what I think I see happening to each of my characters. It's lined out chapter by chapter so I'm sure to keep it all straight. Mine is a story told in three voices, so each of these girls has to be unique and true right to the end.

Just today, I've read a couple interesting blog posts that have fired me up and made me know that the universe has a message for me. One reminded me to pay attention to the very intricate details, and another told me to keep going in order to get unstuck, and then I feasted my eyes on the lesson in just letting it all go once in a while too. You see, I look to all of you out there to inspire me, shake me loose and hold my hand along the way. You give me the steps to land on, the companionship and confidence to see it through. Most of all, you let me know I'm not alone in this journey.

Life would never be the same without the small circles of friendship and inspiration we find along the way. How about you? What small circles of inspiration do you find yourself surrounded in?


Joanne said...

Most definitely the blogging community is right up there. It's so inspiring and supportive and insistent on persisting and perfecting! The other circle is my daughters and husband. I couldn't do this without them. And I like your idea of a flex-plan. I do outline to an extent, and it helps me to see just where the story and everyone in it is going ... all I have to do then is find the right words ;)

gael lynch said...

You're right, Joanne. It's great to watch the circle expand, as I explore this new community of friends!
My husband is my greatest supporter, and my kids are too. But other writers know the nitty gritty...and the pain of it all! The flex-plan is the bones! And you're right again. Now I'm working on those words!

George Stockwell said...

My grand children, of course.

gael lynch said...

I'm inspired by you and the way you give it all for them, George, honestly. I can only hope that I'll be able to follow in your footsteps, Gramps, when my time comes!!!

Anonymous said...

Flex-plan. That's a great idea. It will be something for you to come back to, if you get stuck. I've been calling mine an "outline," but now I'm going to have to steal your words. :)

gael lynch said...

Steal away, Sarah! We'll hold hands and do it together! What I love most about writing (other than the creative buzz) these days is the friendships I've made along the way.