Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wading through the Blarney

About three years ago, we packed it in and headed back to the Old Sod, a trip of a chance to trace my Irish roots, to visit the girlhood home of my mom and to stand on a hilltop where my grandmother was born. Really, who could ask for more?

Well, in doing so, I discovered the wonderful nature of the Irish...and why I've been so chatty for my whole lifetime, really! My kindergarten report card said just that, "very chatty," short and to the point. It baffles me, even today. Amazing how we can be branded by others or brand ourselves without even knowing it.

I, for example, was born talking and I haven't shut up since. This is why I write, I'm sure! It was in my genes. When I went to Ireland, I met many a version of myself. Some a bit long-in-the-tooth, as they say over there, and some pretty young. The Irish stop everything for a good story! (As well it should be!)

But my goal in writing is to keep the story on the road, dole it out in small bites and captivate my audience all along the way. So now? I'm working on cutting back on the blather. Putting what's real on the page, and not wearing out my reader along the way. That, in the end, keeps them turning the pages!

If you had to boil it all down to a few small bites, how would you characterize yourself in two words? Go ahead, stretch the truth, brag a little bit...isn't that the gift of the Irish?


Joanne said...

Oh Gael, two words? I thought summarizing a book in one sentence was tough, and now I have to summarize my whole self in 2 words? On the spot? Hmmmm. How about, "Very determined." Yes, I'll go with that, when I think of different situations I've gotten through, handled, mastered over the years, that one works for me :)

gael lynch said...

Love those two, Joanne! My husband's are fat and happy! Put all our words together and we'd spin a hell of a story, I'm sure! :)

Howard Kingston said...

That's a great story - love hearing about stories such as this.

Would love to hear more about it

Janna Qualman said...

Goodness! Two? Let me go with loved and loving. I think both of those define me well, and trickle down into other aspects of my life.

I love your mention of being talkative. I have it, too, from the aunts on my dad's side. I wonder if I'll be over-the-top chatty like they are now, when I'm a few years older?

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! :)

gael lynch said...

Howard, C'mon back! I'll be sure to spill a little more about the old sod as we move closer to the wearin' of the green!

gael lynch said...

Janna, Loved your blog! Has a kind of kindred spirit feeling to it. I can definitely see the "loved and loving" in your writing. I'm hoping the way others see me is generous and hopeful, that's for sure!

Smileyblueyes said...

Gael, I have been thinking about this since the 10th. Good writing, but I can't find "just two" for the life of me... how about:
aging slowly or
often smiling or
serious fun or
God's child or
lucky duck or
your friend....... xxx

George Stockwell said...

Lucky guy!

Gerri said...

Love this post. Could we have been talkers seperated at birth? Sometimes my husband has to ask me when I'm going to stop so he can get a word in. I agree with Joanne. Two words is hard but I'd have to go with.....fiercely loyal. I'm very protective of those who are closest to me.

Thanks for stopping by my blog Gael. Since I make my home in the Valley of the Sun my beloved D-Backs are my team of choice. Are you a baseball fan also?

gael lynch said...

Diane! 'Your friend'...and boy do I cherish those words!
Saw your wonderful post about your Cliffden! Love that town. I have a beautiful gold celtic knot pendant from there that I just cherish!

gael lynch said...

Thanks, George...I am a lucky girl too! Do you know he went out for the night and left me roses in the refridge? Not too shabby! ;)

gael lynch said...

Gerri...fiercely loyal, you are my kind of friend! I am a die-heart Mets fan, but boy is my team challenging me once again. I love the land of the sun...too bad it doesn't have an ocean! 29 days till we get started...let's stay in touch and see how it goes! Best of luck to your D-backs!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gael, just having a peek at your blog here. I guess I have the gift of the gab (maybe because I kissed the blarney stone...I was a bit timid in leaning over backwards and upside down just to kiss this spot, so the old guy says, "get down there or I'll show you why they call me 'cranky bastard'")
two words: obsessive smiles

gael lynch said...

Oh boy, those crusty old Irish bastards!! LOL...I've seen a few of 'em in my day too. I was peeking around on your blog too, love the feeling of not being alone in this insane writing universe! Here's hoping we'll cross paths some more along the way. An obsessive smiler is just what this world needs!

Smileyblueyes said...

Gael, if you saw the blog post about my grandmother's cottage, did you notice the pix of my mother before emigrating? She was barely 16 and standing in front of that same cottage home. And I am sure you have heard the "kilkelly Ireland" song....right????