Friday, March 20, 2015

Before that...March 20, Slice of Life Challenge: SOLC 2015 20/31

Today, I went to Two Writing Teachers for a little morning inspiration. Ideas come from everywhere in my universe, but for now I decided to dig into that well. I'm posting from a post shared by another writer, who borrowed the idea from someone else. It's called Spin!

Ideas are the little generators, that lift us up, and make time, thought and ideas travel all over the world!

So, here's my Slice from yesterday, an evening when my husband went off to a concert and spent the night out, and I had the house to myself. (Well almost!)

Yesterday, I went to bed with a story, Grave Mercy, on my kindle in my hand.
Before that...I let my giant yellow puppy out to take his last tour of the yard.
Before that...I messaged back and forth with an old writing friend, Lynda Mullaly Hunt.
Before that...I ordered her book, and Jo Knowles' book online.
Before that...I downloaded Kate Messner's new book, 59 Reasons to Write,  and took a deep look inside.
Before that...I cruised around on the Pinterest in search of inspiration to teach the persuasive piece.

Before that...I braved the cold and bundled up and took the golden one for a walk.
Before that...I picked up a you-pick-two, a salad and turkey chili to eat.
Before that...I stayed late at school, reading emails, filling out forms and trying to decompress.
Before that...I met with a teaching friend, and we talked about life, and then what we're teaching next.
Before that...I logged myself and my twenty-two into our Smarter Balanced Tests.
Before that...I savored a luxurious hour of mixing and mingling with kids around books.
Before that...I snuggled up with Masterpiece, our interactive read-aloud by the masterful Elise Broach.
Before that...I checked into the teachers' lunch room and joked around with my friends in the crowd.
Before that...I ate a small bar, and drank a cup of tea, checking my emails at my computer for lunch.
Before kids and I generated fun, fantasy poems.
Before that...I immersed myself in reader's workshop conferences, upping our input in posting our thinking about books.

Before that...I visited Mr. Lemoncello's Library, Harry Potter's Hogwarts, and a dragon-slayer's den!
Before that...I joked around with my kids about what we had for dinner in homeroom.
Before that...I put my key, dangling off a soft pink ribbon into the lock, and the lights popped on in my room.

Before that...I kissed my husband, scratched my puppy's belly, and drove down the driveway to school.


make.share.give said...

I read 59 Reasons to Write recently and have already used several ideas in my classroom. Love your Before That!

gael lynch said...

Thank you! Loved what I read so far too! Can't wait to dig in for more!

Robin said...

This is a great format! I have seen a few of these posts and am looking forward to trying out myself! Thanks for a little inspiration.

Maureen said...

Love that you tried this poem style...I'd been thinking about it, too. What a lovely day you had! Something about this line was so great: "Before that...I put my key, dangling off a soft pink ribbon into the lock, and the lights popped on in my room." - I immediately sensed hope, happiness about your teaching day. said...

I just tried this format too - it is fun, isn't it? I just did my evening, but it was still so neat to look back and try to think about my evening in that way. said...

This all sounds pretty wonderful, Gael, and hearing you're friends with Lynda, she seems like the NICEST person :) Yay for your special "slice" :)

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