Saturday, March 28, 2015

Books by the Millions! March 28, 2015 Slice of Life Challenge-#solc2015

Almost all my life, I've believed you can never have too many shoes, boots or books. In fact, if you looked at my closet, you could easily say I feel that way about sweaters and blouses and skirts. But now, my thinking is definitely undergoing a change.

Today was another in a series of Saturdays, emptying Grandma's house and filling up my car. Last night I went to the library and closed the place, lugging in bag after bag of books. And today...after spending the morning there, my car was filled up all over again! It took me about forty minutes to lug those books and place them in neat rows on the overflowing library sale cart.

Grandma loved her stuff. She loved little chotchkies from Christmas Tree Shoppes, and she loved linen and lace, but the thing she loved most in the world, apart from her grandkids and a good recipe, was definitely a good book and an hour or two to read. 

So today, I honored Grandma. I returned all her books to the place she probably loved best too--the library. And as I lugged those boxes and bags up the stairs and through the sliding doors, I just couldn't help but think there's got to be a chair in heaven and a special place filled with books--a gigantic reading room where Grandma can take all the time she needs to settle into a great book!


litcoach64 said...

I loved your last paragraph!! Hopefully, she is sitting there now reading away!! Your grandma sounds wonderful!

Robin said...

Well, if there is a room like that, I hope there are a lot of chairs because I know several people there who would want to be right in there with her! That's a pretty great thought.

LitCoachDanaK said...

What a beautiful tribute to your grandmother and her love of reading! Many, many people will enjoy her books too.

oicurcrazy2 said...

I loved that book as a kid, and really liked this post!

writekimwrite said...

The packing and the sorting when a loved one dies is familiar to me. I can relate as I spent part of the day today with this task for my Dad who died in January. We sent books to the library, too and it made me happy to deposit them there.

gael lynch said...

Thanks, everyone! My chair will be a soft leather, I think. This work was actually done on behalf of the most wonderful mother-in-law in the world, someone in real-life I called 'Mom.' But somehow, lately, I'm reverting back to referring to her as Grandma, the woman my children loved incredibly too! So much love! So sorely missed!

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