Monday, March 9, 2015

A Life Filled with Cupcakes--March 9: Slice of Life Challenge

Slice of Life Challenge: For the month of March, I'm participating in a daily writing challenge, blogging, and posting, and reading other teachers' blogs. This challenge was started by two writing teachers, and can be found at their blog each day: Feel free to join me! It's a great way to keep story threading throughout your brain each day.


frosted, sprinkled

layered in chocolate,

vanilla and strawberry


Paper-wrapped on the outside

in pinks and greens

and blues

with polka-dots, hearts

and cute little teddybears


These sweet, delectable

puffs of cake

whose calorie count

adds up

to nine hundred and

eighty two--

cross my desk

and wait...

for the weakened.


in my teaching years,

I gave way to


My waist-size

would measure

a hundred


sixty two!


(In the style/but hardly the talent, of my beloved Valerie Worth: All the Small Poems, and Fourteen More; dedicated to the memory of a teaching pal from years ago, Dave Carrington, "the Duke," who ate many a cupcake for me!)


S. Peters said...

I love your small poem about cupcakes ala Valerie Worth! I shared her treasures with my class today and they had a go at imitating her poetry for their Slice of Life challenge today. Thanks for sharing.

elsie said...

You channeled Valerie Worth well. Oh the cupcakes that are delivered to our desks! My son was always happy to help out by devouring the ones on my desk.

gael lynch said...

I'm so glad your kids enjoyed Valerie Worth's style. I really believe her poems have taught me more about commas and colons and semi-colons than any other structural grammar lessons I learned in my earlier years. I challenge my kids what constitutes a complete idea (sentence), how to elaborate upon a basic idea and how to use commas and line-breaks to slow the reader down.