Thursday, March 5, 2015

Faith and Friendship--March 5: Slice of Life Challenge

Last night, amid a perilous forecast of incoming rain and sleet and ice and snow and freezing temperatures, my husband and I hopped in the car and took a leap of faith for a friend.

The weather held.

Our friend Bobby, a lifelong college buddy (with humor to match), was playing at the Fairfield County Theater Company about a thirty-five minute drive from my house.

For most people, sailing out in crazy weather is not a stretch, but for us now, it is.

My husband travels in a sleek orange wheelchair with a Grateful Dead sticker plastered on the back. Ice, of any kind, scares me. When I got home from school, our walkway was covered in a thick, glistening layer of ice.

But Bob has been working hard. We've been to many a dive bar with an array of characters...lounge lizards you'd never see on Cheers. Bob always carried that crowd, lifted them up, made them laugh, welcomed them into his small circle for the night. Belonging is a powerful thing.

And all the while, he practiced his craft...voice lessons, rehearsals, promoting and booking his shows.

And all the while, we showed up and so did many of our other friends, driving down from the Cape or Boston, because that is what friends do.

And last night, Bobby went big time...playing in a small, posh club in lower Fairfield County. The place was packed! And the crowd was ready...and Bob and his band rocked it out. Two hours of no-break, non-stop bluesy, sultry songs like Spooky, Hey Bartender, and a million other memorable tunes.

I was worried about the ice along I-95 and what it would be like driving home.

But the weather held. And so did my faith in Bob.

I'm proud of my friend and his new second life. The creative inside was just waiting all these years to bust out.

And because we knew that, we had to be there. Friends always suit up and show up for friends!


Greg Armamentos said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this piece about friendship, and facing your fears to show your loyalty. Way to go, Bob on venturing out with creativity!

Anonymous said...

Great to follow your dream at any age. Bravo Bobby. Boston is calling your name. Passims, Rylers, Scullers, Paradise.

Gina- Boston

Leigh Anne Eck said...

I wrote about friendship today too! What a neat story about your friend and his passion for singing. Following that passion is not always easy, but sounds like he has many supporters,

gael lynch said...

Friendship is the life engine that makes everything in life seem so worthwhile!

Michelle said...

How awesome to have faith and brave the weather to watch your friend and his band! I know you being there with your husband meant the world to Bobby!

Thanks for this 'rockin' slice!

Katy Collins said...

I love this line: "The creative inside was just waiting all these years to bust out." I loved your story and admire your bravery to get out in the dicey weather!

BethMooreTCRWP said...

You are a true friend! Your friends are lucky to have you!

Loralee said...
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Loralee said...

What a wonderful story of friendship!