Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Little Engine that Can-March 25: Slice of Life Challenge 25/31 #solc15

It's been a long, long haul.

Over a very rugged terrain.

And for the very first time, publicly, I'm admitting to myself that even though I am and have been writing, finished up my YA novel...sent it out a bit, started scripting a MG novel, but I have really been running out of steam. Artistically stalled.

The events of 12/14, that horrible December day, despite my intent of moving forward, kept pulling me back and leaving me stuck. My work in the classroom has been focused on remaining upbeat and loving and supporting all the kids. I do love my kids! And that has taken priority over everything.

And then, this challenge rolled along. 

I decided to take the leap. I'd been spreading my writing all over the place, a little blog here, journal entry there...the red leather one with the heart, the gold leaf paisley one with the magnetic front next. Spreading it all out. The heartbreak, the feelings the thoughts about those feelings. 

But this month, I'm re-learning a little something about this little engine called writing. It is the Little Engine that Can. I can write daily, and in one place again. I can reveal and then revel in the feelings I see on the page. I will not ever be afraid to put it out there again. 

The groundswell...the heart, that once was broken, is a mighty heart. I live in a strong community. And we save each other through our words. Writing is a healing thing. Writing is what I know best.


Kim Possible said...

Indeed, it seems you've found the power of writing to do so much for us. I also think it's amazing that you've finished your book!! I admire your persistence in keeping up with this challenge. I loved your reflection: so honest and true. Thank you.

Pat Holloway said...

Yes, I love this reflection, too! I recognized myself in some of your writing. I have several journals, always starting a new one and messing up my compartmentalized writing.

Robin said...

I'm glad you have found this challenge to be helpful. This is my fourth year doing the SOLSC and I think it's the best month of the year because I am committed to writing and hold myself to it. I need a challenge like this every month. I am happier when I am writing daily and making sense of my world, but I need something to hold my feet to the fire to do it daily!

Molly Hogan said...

This is such a thoughtful post. I love your line about reveling and revealing and your descriptions of the varied journals. This has been a powerful month for me, especially due to writers and commenters like you!