Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Celebrations--March 17: Slice of Life Challenge #SOLC 2015: 17/31

Happy Birthday to the Sweetest Guy I Know...

Tonight, a small


came and went.

A small celebration--

with no fanfare,

no fireworks,

just a guy, my guy

 and me.

A million years ago,

when I was really uneasy...in conversations,

in restaurants,

we somehow

managed to find something

or two things

to say.

But now, we've lived a lifetime

of conversations,

and then some.

We've lived a lifetime of childish

college ways--

with a lifetime

of equally childish,

but enormously funny


We've had babies,

and those babies

became toddlers,

then teens.

And now they've

left the nest,

but we still celebrate


We've celebrated

promotions, and houses,

and summer vacations.

We've crossed the country,

and traced our roots,

traveled to the Super Bowl

and the Shore.

And every year,

we savor this lifetime.

We love and laugh--

and remember--

and then, with even

more conversation,

we eat a great meal,

and celebrate

and love

some more!


BennisBuzz said...

Sweet, sweet words of love and life celebrations. Happy Birthday to your dear one. D :)

Bridget Soltero said...

Such wonderful, sweet memories of you and your love!! Enjoy tonight and keep on enjoying life!!!

Lindsay said...

I absolutely love how you reflected on sharing this celebration with your special loved one. Sounds like you enjoyed a beautiful day!

Robin said...

I enjoyed your reflection on how your life has evolved and changed but some things have remained the same...a strong relationship endures all.

Anonymous said...

So good to read about life and love like this.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby, Gael :) I know several people with St. Patty's birthdays!